Why WordPress is best choice after Google Hummingbird Update

Google want this and they have it! Yes i am talking about Google hummingbird algorithm update. After the change they have the right to celebrate their 15th Birthday on 27th September 2013 as a Search Leader.

Google HummingbirdGoogle achieved a milestone to enable a more human compliant search engine. A search engine that can interact with human, interpret human demand and deliver on human expectation. Not an easy task for any new competitor to enter in the search industry. I do believe its even a simple challenge to existing companies to ponder on.

From the very first day, debate started in the search industry what to do, how to do, how to prepare, what aspects to consider during current sites audit to make sure our site is hummingbird friendly.

Answer is simple “WordPress” but why and how?

Gurus in the industry believes the “Anchor Text” is still a big game for google with a lot of preventive measures. Second, Internal link structure. Third, resource naming conventions to bring meaningful urls. And last and the most “Descriptive Link Titles”.

Descriptive link titles are the right weapons, search experts have to comply with the hummingbird or even encash it at large.

WordPress has all of these flavors in-built; making it #1 for search optimization many years to come.

Last Google Webmaster Update 2013 An improvement to our top search queries data was applied retroactively on 12/31/2013

Bye bye 2013, but welcome google happy new year gift to webmaster, Webmaster tools improvement. Everyone in the search industry noticed in the Google Webmaster Tools under Search queries



and notice the trend line saying “an improvement to our top search queries queries data was applied retroactively on 12/31/2013″.

I cannot stop saying thank you to google team being a rep of search industry and techno-phile webmaster. We all here were looking for such basic feature to rely more on webmaster tools.